SpartanX Leadership Forums foster an environment where teams meet, learn, and execute age – old principles that transform corporate culture. Our forums develop the skills required to truly make an impact in the world. Spartan has changed 5 million lives to date, and we plan to do the same for business communities globally.


SpartanX: Forge Sharper Minds. Stronger Hearts and Better Culture

SpartanX Leadership Forum (SXLF) brings together inspiring speakers and corporate teams from diverse backgrounds in a fast-paced, engaging format.

Industry leaders will help you and your team learn how to handle obvious and unforeseen obstacles, solve problems with wisdom and urgency, all while maintaining focus amid the daily chaos. You will co-create your leadership action plan with 4 incredible experts while you test the skills you learn against Spartan obstacles which will better equip your team to perform in the workplace and their life.

Transform your team and become a better leader.



With a healthy mind and body, and the right skills, your team can create a better culture at your company and lead your people together. Join a cohort of doers, makers and creators that do work they’re proud of, show up daily, without exhaustion, and get shit done.

Virtues and frameworks we explore:

  • Find your True North
  • Make a commitment
  • Fuel your enthusiasm
  • Delay gratification
  • Maximize your time
  • Get gritty
  • Face adversity
  • Adjust your frame of reference
  • Be honorable
  • Be Spartan


When you attend a SpartanX Leadership Forum, you will:

Collaborate and Contribute

Share and solve challenges alongside business leaders from leading companies around the world and build lasting relationships.

Find and Expand Your Tribe

Unlike other conferences where you are spoken to, at SpartanX you are an integral part of the discussion. Form true bonds with the brightest minds in business from around the globe.

Discover New Perspectives

Gather valuable insight and learn life-changing techniques from industry titans. Develop a new perspective and understanding from 6 industry titans on one of our 10 Spartan Principles.

Overcome Obstacles

Discover how to handle unforeseen obstacles (mental and physical). Learn to solve problems and maintain focus amid chaos and drama.

Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

Teams will develop hard and soft skills to become unstoppable leaders in the workplace—while also becoming better spouses, parents, and citizens of the human race.



1. If you’re ready to commit your team to SpartanX—select your city above and reserve your tickets. If we are beyond capacity or feel you are not a fit for this event, we reserve the right to refund your purchase price and give your seats to another company.

2. If you have questions, read the FAQ below. If you still have questions, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

3. If you would like to nominate a speaker—we’re extremely selective but always open to discussion—then suggest them here.


What can I expect from attending a SpartanX Leadership Forum?

SXLF is a one-day event where masters of industry meet to collaborate, connect, and learn critical leadership skills. Participants will enjoy a VIP experience in a professional sports stadium while testing their newly learned skills on signature Spartan obstacles.

Expect to leave with the confidence to make big changes in your corporate culture, performances, and in life.

What is the story behind SXLF?

We’ve hosted thousands of races around the world, with participants ranging from professional athletes and health enthusiasts to business executives, individuals just beginning their fitness journey, and even children. After crossing the finish line, hundreds and hundreds of executives reached out to ask us, “How do I get all my employees to experience this?”

We had already been interviewing some of the greatest minds in business on our Spartan UP Podcast, including Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and many more.

We wanted to connect the great people we were meeting on a daily basis with companies looking to instill the Spartan mindset in their team. We started by hosting private, team building events on corporate campuses, but we wanted to create something the masses could experience. We wanted to put leading companies from around the world in the same room to connect and collaborate. That’s when SpartanX Leadership Forums were born.

SXLF is a place where great thinkers, doers, leaders, and teams can come together to learn, grow, and contribute to the betterment of their companies, households, and respective communities.

What is included in the registration cost?

SXLF is an experience unlike any other team building, networking, or business retreat you’ve ever been to. You will:

  • Gain VIP access and experience a private tour at an iconic national sports complex
  • Learn the Spartan Principles and how to execute them in your organization and life
  • Interact with industry leaders in your area
  • Collaborate with leading companies’ executive teams
  • Take home a toolkit to share with your community and organization
  • Enjoy healthy snacks and drinks over inspiring conversations with other attendees

What is the difference between this event and other summits/team building events?

It’s simple - we’re doing what has never been done before. Where else do team activities include spears, arrows, and climbing walls?

What other team building events are hosted in an iconic sports stadium? SXLF is bringing the Spartan mindset to the fast-paced business world, and we’re ready to make a significant impact in corporate culture.

We’ve already impacted over 5 million lives in 45 countries, and we’re ready to help 5 million more.

How do I get my team in?

Are you ready to commit to making a change or just looking to get out of the office? Because we only want game changers in the room, we cap every event at 300 people to ensure the nature and mission remain intact.

Companies can bring up to 50 team members each and have to be accepted by the SpartanX Council.

Click here to Register Here.

What’s the cost of attending?

Tickets range from $249 to $400 depending on the number of seats you’d like and how far in advance you make your commitment. For full ticket details, Register Here.