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August 2, 2019



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Lonnie Mayne: Red Shoes Living Founder

Lonnie Mayne spent 30+ years on the executive leadership scene and worked closely with leading brands across 25 industries to help them inspire employee engagement, win the battle for top talent, create standout customer experiences, and build meaningful company cultures.

When he was the president of InMoment, one of the largest customer experience technology companies in the world, Lonnie deployed a five-step leadership framework that his team used to grow the company 817% in a short amount of time. This platform eventually became known as Red Shoes Living and led to Lonnie becoming an in-demand keynote speaker and global consultant for C-level executives, leadership teams, and Fortune 500 companies.

Spartan Founder & CEO

Joe De Sena

Joe De Sena – the founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s leading lifestyle transformation brand – has demonstrated his entrepreneurial drive since his pre-teens. From selling fireworks at age eight to building a multimillion-dollar pool business in college to creating a Wall Street trading firm, and now the world’s fastest-growing sports movement, De Sena is a living definition of the word entrepreneur.

Throughout his lifetime, Joe has competed in any extreme sports adventure he could find, testing his mental and physical endurance against nature. Joe turned an interest in endurance racing into a passion. His racing resume is the stuff of legend – over 50 ultra-events overall and 14 Ironman events in one year alone.



Experience a day of stimulating conversation and invigorating exercise while learning from experts and developing unshakable confidence, steadfast grit, and a better understanding of yourself.
Fully engaged participants will discover how to better handle unforeseen obstacles, solve problems, and maintain focus amid daily chaos and drama.

    • Discussion

      Collaborate with 4 experts on the age-old Spartan principles. Discover how to apply these to your business, life and community on a daily basis. Connect with highly influential leaders in your area and collectively learn how to execute these principles with your colleagues, children, spouses and friends.

    • Activities

      Grab your team and prepare to learn in an entirely unique way. At SXLF, you and your team will immediately apply the skills learned to hands-on Spartan obstacles. While you won’t be crawling through mud or running across fire, each obstacle has been created to set you and your team up for success in the workplace and beyond.

    • Obstacles

      After you’ve connected and collaborated with fellow industry titans, get a VIP escort of select Spartan Race obstacles by an organizational development expert and Obstacle Specialist. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will put your new knowledge to the test, and will help you further develop the leadership skills needed to be at the top of your game in business.

  • Networking

    End the day by committing to your goals. Attendees will share the skills they’ve learned and the impact they plan to have in their respective communities during our commitment ceremony. Afterwards, meet and mingle with other experts and leaders over healthy food and drinks.


Super Early Bird

Do you like to plan ahead? Take advantage of being an early planner and receive the best

$349 (1-4 Seats)

$349 (5-10 Seats)

$300 (11-25 Seats)

$249 (26+ Seats)


Early Bird

You are still ahead of the pack! Enjoy good pricing for being early!

$369 (1-4 Seats)

$369 (5-10 Seats)

$320 (11-25 Seats)

$289 (26+ Seats)


Late Bird

Tickets are still available for what will be a life-changing experience.

$400 (1-4 Seats)

$400 (5-10 Seats)

$351 (11-25 Seats)

$320 (26+ Seats)



Forge the highest caliber leadership teams in the world

SpartanX Leadership Forums foster an environment where teams meet, learn, and execute age – old principles that transform corporate culture. Our forums develop the skills required to truly make an impact in the world. Spartan has changed 5 million lives to date, and we plan to do the same for business communities globally.

Companies Already Committed


If you’re a business leader looking to hone your skills and change the world, we want you at SXLF!
Our fast-paced, engaging format will not only help you improve as a leader in the workplace, but it will help you become a better spouse, parent, and citizen.
Join a cohort of doers, makers, and creators that do work they’re proud of, show up daily, without exhaustion, and get shit done.

If you’re looking to:

  • Find your True North
  • Make a commitment
  • Fuel your enthusiasm
  • Delay gratification
  • Maximize your time
  • Get gritty
  • Face adversity
  • Adjust your frame of reference
  • Be honorable
  • Be Spartan

Then SpartanX Leadership Forums are for you!


Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece is not only a volleyball legend, but an inspirational leader, New York Times bestselling author, wife, and mother. The former professional beach volleyball player and Nike’s first female spokeswoman is the definition of both athleticism and beauty.

Though California born, Gabby was raised on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and didn’t take up volleyball until she moved to Florida when she was in the eleventh grade. Gabby won an athletic scholarship to Florida State University where she played two seasons before accepting offers from the modeling world. Despite the allure of modeling, Gabby returned to the FSU campus and set two school volleyball records that still stand today.

Competing at the highest levels of woman’s volleyball throughout most of her life, including competing professionally when five months pregnant, Gabby has been a consistent inspiration to women to stay in shape. Gabby is also Nike’s first female athlete to design a shoe, and their first-ever female cross-training spokesperson.

Together, Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece created Extreme Performance Training (XPT). XPT is a unique and powerful fitness training and lifestyle program featuring their unique water workouts, performance breathing, recovery methods, and high-intensity and endurance training for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

Steve Weatherford

Steve Weatherford’s passion and love for life can be felt from a mile away. A proud Husband, Father of 5 and a Super Bowl Champion— Steve’s mission is to empower others to live an abundant life through health, wellness and fitness.

After retiring from the NFL, he founded Weatherford Fit where he believes taking care of oneself allows us to serve the people around us in a deeper way as we become the best version of ourselves.

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and renowned business coach. She’s a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, and rest.

Yet, there was a time when she had only $500 to her name. It was either time to find the right mentor or move back home to her parents in Canada. So, she hired the right mentor and got to work.

Today, she is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business–giving entrepreneurs the systems they need to transform their financial lives. and the world. All through the same step by step systems she is using daily to grow to nearly 8 figures in revenue.

Xavier Kochhar

Xavier Kochhar is an expert in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), personalization, and structured data strategy and monetization and in helping C-level executives improve technology and commercial models. Xavier has been both a long-time entrepreneur as well as a long-time senior media executive. He is the Founder of The Video Genome Project, which was acquired by Hulu in order to power search, recommendation, discovery, and personalization.

Prior to that, Xavier was the Managing Partner of MediaLink, which was acquired by Ascential plc (LSE: ASCL), the international media strategy company. As a senior executive, Xavier is the head of strategy and business development for WarnerMedia’s direct-to-consumer unit and before that was at a number of major media and content companies including The Walt Disney Company, Hulu, and The William Morris Agency (WME). He also currently invests in and advises early and mid-stage companies on their monetization, product, user experience, and data architecture strategies, while sitting on the board of video OTT, IP rights management, and blockchain technology companies.

Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy is a world acclaimed artist and creative entrepreneur who in his youth had a successful career as a professional basketball player. He is also a world ranked ITF tennis player. After an exciting career in sports, Brendan worked on Wall Street as an equities trader.

In 2001, he did a big pivot and decided to pursue a full time career in the creative world. Today, Brendan’s paintings and sculptures can be found in over 500 private collections and museums worldwide.

He has also launched a string of successful startups and in 2013, sold his first entrepreneurial venture – Solfire Athletic Clothing – for a profit. Brendan’s capacity to deeply understand both the business and creative worlds allows him to provide a fresh lens and bring a creative approach to problem solving. Consequently, he gives guidance to a number of CEOs and COOs around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from attending a SpartanX Leadership Forum?

SXLF is a one-day event where masters of industry meet to collaborate, connect, and learn critical leadership skills. Participants will enjoy a VIP experience in a professional sports stadium while testing their newly learned skills on signature Spartan obstacles. Expect to leave with the confidence to make big changes in your corporate culture, performances, and in life.

What is the story behind SXLF?

We’ve hosted thousands of races around the world, with participants ranging from professional athletes and health enthusiasts to business executives, individuals just beginning their fitness journey, and even children. After crossing the finish line, hundreds and hundreds of executives reached out to ask us, “How do I get all my employees to experience this?”
We had already been interviewing some of the greatest minds in business on our Spartan UP Podcast, including Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and more, and we wanted to connect the great people we were meeting on a daily basis with companies looking to instill the Spartan mindset in their team. We started by hosting private, team building events on corporate campuses, but we wanted to create something the masses could experience. We wanted to put leading companies from around the world in the same room to connect and collaborate. That’s when SpartanX Leadership Forums were born.
SXLF is a place where great thinkers, doers, leaders, and teams can come together to learn, grow, and contribute to the betterment of their companies, households, and respective communities.

What is included in the registration cost?

SXLF is an experience unlike any other team building, networking, or business retreat you’ve ever been to. You will:

  • Gain VIP access and experience a private tour at an iconic national sports complex
  • Learn the Spartan Principles and how to execute them in your organization and life
  • Interact with industry leaders in your area
  • Collaborate with leading companies’ executive teams
  • Take home a toolkit to share with your community and organization
  • Enjoy healthy snacks and drinks over inspiring conversations with other attendees

What is the difference between this event and other summits/team building events?

It’s simple - we’re doing what has never been done before. Where else do team activities include spears, arrows, and climbing walls?
What other team building events are hosted in an iconic sports stadium? SXLF is bringing the Spartan mindset to the fast-paced business world, and we’re ready to make a significant impact in corporate culture. We’ve already impacted over 5 million lives in 45 countries, and we’re ready to help 5 million more.

How do I get my team in?

Are you ready to commit to making a change or just looking to get out of the office? Because we only want game changers in the room, we cap every event at 300 people to ensure the nature and mission remain in tact. Companies can bring up to 25 team members each and have to be accepted by the SpartanX Council.
Click here to REGISTER HERE.

What’s the cost of attending?

Tickets range from $249 to $400 depending on the number of seats you’d like and how far in advance you make your commitment. For full ticket details, REGISTER HERE.